Safe working on wind turbines

There’s a green revolution at the door. Constant innovation in the energy sector has enabled us to power our world in clean ways that reduce the impact on our planet. To facilitate this, wind energy technicians put their lives at risk to keeps wind turbine spinning.

Working on wind turbines is a dangerous job. Risks include transferring from boat to turbine, as well as undertaking technical repair work while suspended 300ft in the air. There’s a lot that could go wrong, and not much margin for error. You need height safety equipment you can trust to do the job required. 

We want to help you protect your team. That is why Leach’s is breaking new ground in height safety solutions for the wind energy sector. Our promise:
  • Get your team up and down a wind turbine safely
  • Give you the best height safety solutions to minimise risk at all times
  • Continue to develop industry leading solutions that keep you one step ahead


I was first introduced to the LEACH’S name and their products back in 2008 during the British Gas Armada offshore platform in the North Sea, where I was employed as Senior Safety Coach for a global industrial services company. LEACH’S supplied us with a ray of working at height and scaffolding equipment and the company and I were always happy with their goods and services they gave.  

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