Long Life Hex Box Spanner - Stainless Steel Chunky Grippa Style Handle

SKU: SP-1327-R
£46.42 Ex VAT (£55.70 Inc VAT)
Handle Material:
Handle Style:

LEACH’S Long Life Spanners are designed for hard work. With a strong, positive feel, this hard-wearing box has a thicker socket wall and is machined from specially selected hardened and tempered steel. Finished to perfection with a high quality bright nickel plating. All spanners have hole in the handle for attaching tool safety rope This LEACH'S Long Life Steel Spanner box is available with either Stainless Steel, Titanium or Alloy Handle and in a large range of handle styles to suit your choice. Also available with a Flush Fit Friction Fit Fastener, please call Leach's on 01432 346800 to order.
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