Arbortech Allsaw AS175 (110v) – comes with General Purpose and Plunge Blades in Holdall Bag

SKU: AR-AS175-110
£1,397.40 Ex VAT (£1,676.88 Inc VAT)

Introducing the next generation Arbortech Allsaw AS175. Its functionality has been drastically improved, and it continues to be a safe alternative to the Diamond Grinder.

The Arbortech AS175 cuts with brilliant dust control to protect the user from inhaling silica dust. It’s still the only masonry tool that cuts deep, square, with high precision and no overcut.

This generous Arbortech Allsaw package includes both the general purpose and plunge blades, dust boot and two years warranty. With an improved motor and belt too, this is an essential tool for trade applications. 

What’s new?

  • A new 1400W motor for better performance and extended brush life. Welcome to a more seamless cutting experience
  • Improved belt drive with the addition of a heavy-duty triple V belt, along with a more efficient power transmission allowing for a longer life and faster cuts
  • Heavy-duty dust boot collects more of the dust generated when connected to a vacuum. This keeps the worksite clean and reduces silica dust particles in the air
  • Vibration reduction further enhances ergonomics, allowing the saw to be used for extended periods of time.

What’s in the box?

  • Arbortech Allsaw - AS175 1400W 
  • General purpose blades
  • Plunge blades
  • Dust boot
  • IAN key
  • Spare blade bolts (x4)
  • Arbortech carry back
  • Packaging dimensions 78.5 x 39 x 12.5cm
  • Weight: 4kg 
  • Packaging weight: 7.8kg

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