Estwing Hammer with Podger Claw - 22oz - Vinyl Handle, Milled Face

SKU: GT-1717VM
£50.49 Ex VAT (£60.59 Inc VAT)

Discover the Estwing Hammer with Podger Claw (22oz). 

This Estwing hammer is manufactured from solid steel and includes Estwing’s exclusive Shock Reduction Grip®, delivering superior comfort and durability while simultaneously reducing vibrations caused by impact. Estwing hammers are the only hammers that can make this claim. Features and benefits:

•    Head and handle forged from one piece
•    Solid America Steel
•    Blue Shock Reduction Grip
•    Vinyl handle
•    Milled face
•    Head weight: 21oz / 600g
•    Overall length: 13” / 330mm

Buy the Estwing Hammer with Podger Claw today. For further information, please do get in touch with our dedicated sales team.

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