Wiss Metalmaster M-1R Compound Action Cutting Snips – Left-Handed (Red)

SKU: GT-1742
£35.58 Ex VAT (£42.70 Inc VAT)

Looking for high-performance cutting snips? Discover the left-handed Wiss Metalmaster M-1R Compound Action Snips in Red. This high-performance snip tool features:

  • Serrated blades to grab hold and aggressively cut through material
  • Compound action to multiply the hand's force by five times
  • A self-opening spring action for a smooth low effort feed

You want rapid and easy cutting, and the Wiss M-1R snips tool delivers. Its non-slip serrated jaw of tough molybdenum steel holds material firmly and uniformly spreads cutting force across the blade’s edge. 

The CNC wave serrations in the cast blades provide a more aggressive shearing action, high resistance to tooth breakage, and longer blade life. 

Furthermore, a valve-grade steel return spring, proven to be the longest lasting in extreme repeat cycle testing, delivers superior durability. 

Its handles are made of a high tensile strength alloy steel too, far exceeding hand power limit. It also features non-slip textured grips in 3 colours for easy of identification.

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