Stanley FatMax Mason Chisel with Guard (45mm)

SKU: GT-1855
(RRP £24.81 Save £2.96) £21.85 Ex VAT (£26.22 Inc VAT)

Discover the Stanley FatMax Mason Chisel with Guard.

This mason’s chisel has been designed to effortlessly break through brickwork and concrete. It’s been forged from chrome vanadium steel to ensure real strength and durability; you can trust a Stanley chisel.

The blade holds its edge for longer, which means less sharpening and a longer life. It has also been hardened, quenched and tempered to precise specifications for increased safety.

Furthermore, the Stanley FatMax Mason Chisel features a parabolic striking end for greater resistance to mushrooming and chipping. Add to that a bi-material hand guard for better comfort, this is a mason’s chisel that delivers the goods.

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