Tether Tape - 25mm x 2.8m

SKU: TS-3134
£29.63 Ex VAT (£35.56 Inc VAT)

Tool Tether Tape uses advanced self-fusing silicone tape technology to create load rated tether points on tools within seconds. Many tools are not 'tether-ready' (they do not have a pre-made attachment point) so Tether Tape™ allows instant installation using NLG D Rings as a retrofit tether point. No heat source or other specialist tools are required to fit - just simply stretch the Tether Tape™ to activate. It can take up to 24 hours to fully fuse, but is tested and certified for immediate use. Because no adhesive is used in the process, the retrofitted tether point can be easily removed when no longer required and leaves no permanent residue or damage to the tool. NLG Tether Tape™ features a fibreglass reinforcement mesh for exceptional strength and durability. Based on average sized hand tools, one roll can tether up to 10 tools. • Fibreglass reinforcement mesh for high strength and durability • Leaves no adhesive or residue on the tool when removed • Effective temperature range: - 50°C to 250°C • Dimensions: 25mm x 2.8M • Load Rated and Third Party certified with a 2:1 safety factor • Max Load: 5KG (11lbs)
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