MonarSound (Scaffold) Acoustic Insulating Scaffold Sheeting 2.25m x 10m roll

SKU: SPCL13910
£583.63 Ex VAT (£700.36 Inc VAT)

Monarflex MonarSound Acoustic scaffold sheeting provides an effective system for controlling noise breakout on construction sites. It is ideal for use in minimising noise pollution in sensitive areas like schools, hospitals, residential areas etc. MonarSound is made from a 5 ply composition incorporating a weather resistant LDPE flame retardant co-polymer that encapsulates a multifilament polyester grid which helps forms a weather protection layer. On the underside there is a thick 10mm PU fire retardant special sound absorbent foam. The sheeting is equipped with the unique Monarflex fixing eyelets for superior and long lasting fixing points . Features & Benefits Weather protection with additional acoustic absorption. Suitable for long term projects up to 12 months. Enhances security for the workers on the scaffold. Serves as a climate shield to protect workers, machinery and open constructions against rain, wind, snow etc. Ensures a stable working climate on the scaffold so deadlines can be respected regardless of the weather. Protects surroundings from any inconveniences e.g. particles or building dust from sandblasting or water jetting from façade works as well as the noise levels associated with using high dB machinery. Helps reduce noise levels and provides a climate shield in colder periods. Tested to BS EN ISO 717-1 at Napier University for sound reduction. Provides a climate shield on scaffolding not just against rain and snow but also against the effects of cold weather thanks to its high performance foam. Flame retardant in accordance to DIN 4102-B1. Tested as road noise barrier to BS EN 1793-2: 1998 and classified as B1 barrier. • Reduces noise levels escaping the work site to the benefit of by-passers or residents • Provides a climate shield on scaffolds against the effects of cold weather • Equipped with unique Monarflex eyelets for durability • Monarflex eyelets reduce the risk of breakout noise via the fixing points
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