BIG BEN® Anchor Test Kit for Scaffold Anchor Ties

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Introducing the new BIG BEN® Anchor Test Kit.

If you need to establish safe working loads, or validate the correct installation of existing fixings, this is the Anchor Test Kit for you. Combining precision and quality, the BIG BEN Anchor Test Kit for scaffold anchor ties confirms the holding power of anchors in most construction materials.

The tensile load of up to 25kN is applied to the fixing mechanically and hydraulics are used to register the load through an accurate analogue gauge, ensuring high levels of reliability. Features and benefits:

•    NASC Technical Guidance TG4: 11 Type Certified
•    Faster to work with
•    Easier to set up & change tooling
•    Lightweight & safe to use
•    Easy read gauge with rubber protector
•    New design eliminates oil loss and seepage
•    Large foot coverage
•    Better engineered for less maintenance & longer life
•    Snap & go tooling
•    Robust bag with carry handle
•    Comes complete with User Manual, Certification and Calibration Form
•    NOW INCLUDES: Set of 50mm and 75mm leg extensions FREE

No professional should be without a BIG BEN Anchor Test Kit. For more than a century, the BIG BEN name has been synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability. This Anchor Test Kit joins a growing list of essential construction and scaffolding tools that have been designed and manufactured by those devoted to excellence and innovation.

Buy your Anchor Test Kit today. Contact us via the details below if you require any additional information.

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