Rubble Chute Buildings Mounting Bracket

SKU: LH-5119
£249.55 Ex VAT (£299.46 Inc VAT)

Discover the Rubble Chute Buildings Mounting Bracket, adaptable to both the RUBCHUTE and LIGHTCHUTE rubble chutes.

This chute scaffold fastening system is the first anchoring segment of any chute column and allows them to be fixed to floor slab, both horizontally and vertically (window or balcony) more quickly, safely and comfortable. It also includes two clamps for a perfect fastening. Features and benefits:

  • Mounting bracket to fix the top of the chute column
  • Reinforced - holds the weight of the chutes that hang from it
  • Easily attachable to any structural element of the building (floor frame, window, balcony, etc.) thanks to its two fixing positions
  • Includes two clamps for ideal fastening
  • For greater safety and security, we recommend installing this piece at intermediate sections of the chute column. Specifically, one piece every 15 metres of chute

Buy the Rubble Chute Buildings Mounting Bracket from Leach’s today. If you need further information, please contact our dedicated sales team. 

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