Pinnacle Zertec Height Safety Helmet with Koroyd Protection - Vented (Hi-Vis Yellow)

£90.40 Ex VAT (£108.48 Inc VAT)

Discover premium head protection with the Pinnacle Zertec Height Safety Helmet.

This hi-vis version of Pinnacle Zertec’s height safety helmet has been designed with Koroyd technology for maximum energy absorption. It is a truly innovative helmet for advanced head protection that meets the most stringent industry demands of the future.

With superior reduction of energy from impacts sustained when working at heights, at industrial workplaces and by mechanical devices, the Pinnacle Zertec height safety helmet responds to the requirements for premium head protection that may reduce the risk of head and brain injuries.

It is certified to hybrid & mountaineering standards for advanced head protection, (EN12492 & EN397) with an ABS advanced Thermo Material shell exterior.

The Pinnacle range is easy to accessories with easy to fit hearing protection, direct fitting protective visors and lamp connection systems.

Buy your Pinnacle Zertec safety helmet today. If you require any further information, do get in touch with our sales team.

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  • Hi-Vis Yellow
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