Scaffshirt T-Shirt with Reinforced Waterproof Shoulder Pad Pockets, Hi-Vis Yellow, L

SKU: HV-4520Y-L
£16.50 Ex VAT (£19.80 Inc VAT)

The ScaffShirt T-Shirt is a versatile specialist high quality hi-vis protective Workwear T-shirt with Weight bearing padded shoulders for supporting shoulder joints e.g., Building Industry - carrying lintels, pipes and scaffolding poles.

Available in Hi-Vis Yellow - sizes L and XL.

Shoulder Pads purchased separately.

Performance & Attributes

  • Meets EN20471:2 Standards
  • Reduces impact and compression stress on shoulder joints
  • Withstands heavy weight
  • Padding sits inside a pocket that is stitched securely to the top of the shoulder
  • Padding entry sits under the collar
  • Pad pockets are waterproof
  • Padding is removable for washing
  • Can be supplied with a pad on each shoulder or a singular pad for the dominant shoulder
  • Pad is manufactured from Three Dimensional Sculptured EVA Compression Padding


  • L
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