Sala Delta Nomex®/Kevlar® High Temperature Harness

SKU: SPCL14084
£350.00 Ex VAT (£420.00 Inc VAT)

The DBI-SALA® Delta™ high temperature harness is constructed from webbing with a Nomex® outer fiber and a Kevlar® fiber core. The webbing has a 425°C char temperature resistance level. This innovative webbing is as flexible and soft to the touch as any traditional webbing. The harness also incorporates the Delta™ patented No-Tangle™ triangular frame that allows the harness to easily fall into place when donned and increases comfort during use. Also incorporates covered labels and i-Safe™. •425°C Char temperature •Constructed from Nomex®/Kevlar® webbing •No-tangle™ Design •Stand Up Dorsal D-ring •Covered labels and i-Safe™
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