Fingersaver - Compact 295mm

SKU: GT-7100
£32.72 Ex VAT (£39.26 Inc VAT)

YOUR HANDS ARE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS! When using the FingerSaver you are able to keep your hands away from any potential danger of impact. Fingersaver Compact At only 295mm long, the newest model in the range offers a fantastic solution when working in easy access environments where more control is needed. Fingersaver Standard The best seller out of the 3 in the Fingersaver product range. The Standard Fingersaver is 375mm in length and the ideal purchase for keeping hands away from danger during use with items such as a flogging spanner. Fingersaver Long The Long Fingersaver is 850mm in length and is the perfect solution for keeping hands and fingers well away from potential danger zones when either working alone or most commonly, with a colleague.
  • Compact - 295mm
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