Tuff as old boots – BIG BEN launches new TuffPad® with 48% better impact protection


Safer is always better.

That is why BIG BEN has launched the new
TuffPad®, a unique scaffolding pad that delivers a whopping 48% better impact protection than any other pad on the market.

We all know that scaffolds can be dangerous places to work, especially in confined and high-risk environments such as offshore oil rig platforms and petrochemical plants. The TuffPad’s new and innovative design reduces the risk of impact injuries in hazardous environments and confined spaces by effectively covering protruding joints, fittings and other hazards such as pipe valves. This makes the risk more visible and softer upon impact.

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Key features of the BIG BEN TuffPad® include:
  • 48% better protection against impact injury than any other scaffolding pad
  • Easy installation with no need for additional tools or materials
  • High visibility hazard identification
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Personalisation available – print your company logo
  • Fire retardant
Russell Tennant, Managing Director at Leach’s, states, “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve safety on site, especially in dangerous industrial environments such as in the oil, gas and energy sectors. BIG BEN’s new TuffPad does just that. It’s been designed to improve worker safety and the results are undeniable, delivering a massive 48% more protection than any other product on the market. We’re proud of the TuffPad and hope you’ll be as impressed as we are.”

The BIG BEN TuffPad® is available in a variety of bright colours to ensure good visibility, exclusively from Leach’s. You can buy yours online or give our friendly sales team a call to discuss your requirements.