Tethered Tools Working at Height

Why do i need to tether my tools when i'm working at height? In the UK, ‘being struck by falling objects’ was the highest cause of fatalities in the workplace (21 deaths) in 2011-2012, according to the HSE. It also contributed to 10% or 2,347 non-fatal but major workplace injuries in the same time period.
  Tethered Tools Working at HeightAs an employer you will be working to ensure every one of your employees working at height are properly equipped. To do this you’ll need to plan how they’re going to carry out both tricky and straightforward tasks at varying heights in a safe manner, as set down by The Work at Height Regulations 2005. Not only that but you need to be properly equipped.

Here at Leach’s we have been supplying high quality tools for over a hundred years and we firmly believe that by supplying construction companies with a wide range of high quality tools they are better equipped to comply with up to date health and safety requirements.

Tethered Tools Working at Height

With the right planning and better equipment, working at height can mean taking less risks and less effort. We will help your employees not only take reasonable care of themselves but those around them who may be affected by their working at height activities.

Leach’s have carved out a niche as the most reliable and trusted supplier of scaffolders tools to construction companies around the world. As one customer explained,

"I would recommend Leach’s safety equipment and scaffolding tools to any other construction company, as part of a Middle East Exxon Mobil Safety Team, we employed over 9000 operatives and 600 scaffolders. Leach’s supplied the scaffolding and working at height equipment and not only provided a fast and efficient service but kept us one step ahead with the latest safety equipment".

Tethered Tools Working at HeightIt’s becoming more and more common for those working at height to tether their tools with lanyards. Here at Leach’s we’re proud to supply an extensive range of varying Scaffolders Tool Safety Belts complete with frogs and tethered scaffolders tools for working at height, together with bespoke sets for those who require it.

Too many injuries occur in the UK every year due to dropped tools. Help us reduce this number by ensuring your line workers use Leach’s specially designed tool bags and holsters secured to their harnesses and secure the hand tools they need with the appropriate lanyards. Whilst regulations don’t specifically mandate tool tethering, something as simple as a falling screwdriver could kill someone even if they’re wearing a hard hat!

[caption id="attachment_558" align="alignright" width="308"]Big Ben Tethered Scaffold Level Big Ben Tethered Scaffold Level[/caption]

Many major contractors are now stipulating that any tools used on site must be tethered!

Tool tethering reduces the cost of tool replacement too, so why not help employees reduce the number of tools they drop. If you have hundreds of tools in your inventory tethering is crucial not only for protecting people around scaffolding sites, but also preventing precious tools from damage.

The law states that those working at height must take every reasonable measure to prevent dropped tools, so not only is the right tool tethering a necessity in the world of construction, but will help to ensure your workforce remain efficient and productive every day.

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